"Increased engagement by over 200% and scored high-value PR connections in under a month"

See how WHS helped an EV Charging Infrastructure startup nail their social media strategy!

Amplify Mobility is an electric vehicle charging infrastructure company based out of Hyderabad and Bangalore, India. This all-Indian startup wanted to create a buzz about their brand on social media as they ventured into new partnerships during the quarantine period of 2020. 

The company stakeholders wanted to showcase their products as an all-domestic brand focused on helping some of the most extensive infrastructure developers and fleet operators in India get green certified by installing and maintaining EV charging stations at their properties. 

What we found

When we first began working with the brand in June of 2020, our goal was to find out all the viable avenues available for the brand to start off a content dissemination network. Our objectives for the brand were trifold: 

  1. Identify the different types of content their audiences enjoyed and interacted with 
  2. Create a unified social media brand identity 
  3. Identify the platforms that provided the highest rates of engagement for different demographics. 

While studying the brand's existing demographics and social media profiles, we identified a few critical pieces of information that would become our exploratory phase's starting points. We found that -

  • LinkedIn was the brand's most active platform and functioned as the primary touchpoint for most of their sales activities. 
  • Almost 60% of the brand's followers on LinkedIn came from three Indian metropolises. 
  • There was a curious anomaly in their stats. On an account that got minimal engagement, for the most part, there was one post from the middle of May that had 200x the average engagement rate - it was an update about the launch of a new charging hub. 

We decided that the best approach was to take platforms where technical engagement was higher, such as LinkedIn and Quora, and turn these spaces into interaction points for the Founding team. Then we built a content funnel that would give their LinkedIn profile a much-needed boost which included regular updates about the company's latest collaborations and products. We wrapped it all up with a technical article writing and PR outreach campaign to generate interest amongst C-level executives, operations heads, and project managers located in India's Tier-A cities. 

The road forward

With a healthy mix of curated and created content being posted alongside an updated hashtagging strategy has seen an organic increase of the brand's engagement rate from 1.03% to 9.9% in a matter of two months. 

The brand's LinkedIn page saw an average of 30% month-on-month increase in followers and a whopping 250% increase in impression count. We also started creating a blogging strategy for the company that involved awareness-building about India's electric vehicle space and disseminating technical information about electric vehicle charging technologies primarily aimed at people interested in investing in a public EV charging station. 

The road forward for the brand involves more extensive PR outreach campaigns and further developing the individual content strategies we deployed on their social platforms. We picked Quora as a platform to address the growing need for factual information about the EV space, LinkedIn to help share industry features and company branding, and Instagram as a tertiary touchpoint for community building with engineering and automobile enthusiasts in the country. 

“42% increase in custom button clicks in one month ”

Outside of landing a featured listing on India's leading electric vehicle news publication, we engaged with leading international journals and financial magazines to attract innovative startups in the logistics and last-mile delivery sectors through company features and thought leadership content.